10 things to use your app for over the summer

1. Introduce new staff

Most interviews and appointments for new staff take place over the summer. You can let parents and students know the latest staff changes via the app. They’ll see your latest news wherever they are in the world!

2. Remind parents of the return-to-school dates

How many times do parents call you over the break to ask when the kids have to come back? Or ask others on Facebook and Twitter? (We see it on social media all the time!) Make sure everyone has the correct information for return dates and times for their class/year. Put it in the app – then they can save these to their phone or tablet and set themselves reminders too!

3. Keep parents updated on any new building or classroom moves

Quite often refurbishments and new building or temporary classrooms have to be done over the summer – it’s safer that way! Let everyone know what is going on – you can even add galleries of photos from works in progress.

4. Add new timetables

As you work on these before the start of the new academic year you can make them available in the app so that parents can ensure that their children have the correct equipment and items with them at the beginning of term.

5. Latest lunch menus for coming year

Let parents see the new menus and healthy eating options before the new year begins. Give them chance to make decisions on the best options available in school for their children.

6. New prospectus

Make sure you make your latest prospectus available in the app for any prospective parents to see what facilities you have available. Publicise the dates of your open days in the news section and the cut-off dates of applications in the calendar too.

7. Uniform regulations for new pupils – and to remind old ones!

It is good to make sure that all parents are aware of the rules on uniform and what is acceptable footwear, hairstyles and policies on jewellery etc. Good for the parents of new starters and to remind parents of older pupils too!

8. Updates and news on any summer school trips

There may be field trips or school holidays happening over the summer break – keep all parents updated and worry-free at all times with the news section of the app. You can post photos with your news items too.

9. Preview/tease new classroom displays

Get the children excited about coming back to school with photos of new displays or equipment in their classes. We know that teachers spend a lot of time updating their class displays during the last week of the holidays – let parents know it!

10. Remind parents to keep their kids learning over the summer

Remind them about local schemes – such as the Summer Reading Challenge in their local libraries. Encourage parents to get their children to write about their holidays and trips. Literacy can drop over a six week break – so it’s in your interests to encourage parents to keep them involved with (stealth) learning! Parental engagement in their education is a key to success!