Awards and shows

It’s about time we did another update about what Jigsaw School Apps have been up to recently. It has been a busy couple of months! After BETT we exhibited at the Education Innovation Show in Manchester and The Education Show in Birmingham and have just got back from the Nursery2Primary Show down in Bournemouth. More on that later… We were very happy to be finalists at The Sentinel Business Awards in March – and even more delighted when we won the award for Business Innovation and were runners-up for the Science and Technology in Business award too. It was a wonderful night celebrating with some inspirational and exciting companies. The Sentinel put on a great event!

Darren and Nathan receiving the Business Innovation Award
JSA Lanyards!

Meanwhile, Nathan, Berni and Martin went south to Bournemouth to staff the JSA stand at the Nursery2Primary show. We were very excited as we’d not done this show before and were looking forward to meeting lots on enthusiastic educators and showing them our parental engagement apps. Also, we’d sponsored the lanyards this time and were so thrilled with how they turned out. We just don’t want to take them off now :-) The show was over two days – Friday and Saturday 24/25th April – we drove down there from Staffordshire the day before to get everything on the stand up and running. We had a great position right by the entrance!

The BIC is a great venue and although the show was quite small we were amazed at how many people came! We had biscuits at the ready to welcome everyone in! It’s a good way to get to talk to people and find out what they do and why they have come to the exhibition. After the first day we were invited to the exhibitors’ cocktail party at the Royal Exeter Hotel (which was just across the road and happened to be the one we were staying in). It has a famous cocktail bar and we were each given two tickets for free cocktails of our choice. It was amazing – we sampled mojitos, Moscow mules and a Pisco Sour. The best thing about it though was the chance to get to know some of our fellow exhibitors

Getting the stand ready for opening day!
Me and My World Stand

It was so nice to see the innovative and unusual products that people manage to come up with to make lessons and learning so much more effective and fun! We enjoyed meeting Dorothy and her Me and My World activity packs. Loved the 2 ranges “I want to be…” and “I’m learning about…” – all crammed with educational materials and fun artefacts and costumes relevant to the topics. I would have loved something like this back when I was in primary school!

Nathan and Martin giving live demos of the apps.

There were two areas where talks and presentations were being held – a large theatre and a corner spot within the exhibition. Sadly, being on duty on the Stand meant that we couldn’t attend them ourselves – although I did sneak off to listen to the speaker telling us how to excel at storytelling! He was amazing! He encourages you to move around all the time so and change your position a lot to keep everyone transfixed – at one point he was standing on his chair! Also, while we were on the stand we heard a song session by Alison Wheeler including a brilliant “Let’s Tidy Up” song. I keep singing it now every time the JSA offices start to look messy :-)