10 Reasons Why Parent Feedback is Important

10 Reasons why Parent Feedback is Important

1. With Ofsted inspectors now required to consider any stakeholder feedback collected by the school, it is essential that schools get parent feedback quickly and efficiently.

2. Parents who take part in surveys are more likely to understand and support any particular approaches that are being used in school and will support these strategies at home.

3. Parents who get involved take a greater role in their child’s education and activities around schooling, which leads children do better academically and socially.

4. Parents’ positive perception highly influences their children’s perception of school, which, in turn, positively contributes to students’ academic, social, and emotional learning. Being asked their opinions can help this positive perception.

5. By sharing their views, parents may well be providing useful insights for the school.

6. Surveys will provide invaluable evidence for your School Self Evaluation, Ofsted Inspection and School Development Planning. Your school can ensure that you have the full views of all of your parents ready for when Ofsted visit.

7. Find out what policies and decisions parents are and are not supportive of in your school

8. Using effective channels of communication and getting parents involved in decisions helps to build strong relationships and encourages involvement in the child’s learning and progress.

9. Making parents feel involved by asking their opinions may solicit other good ideas and suggestions from them

10. Asking parents’ views on school issues on a regular basis can lead them to communicate or offer help in other ways too. This can benefit the school in many ways – eg. volunteering, fundraising and attending meetings.