10 Reasons why Parents don’t Engage with School

I didn’t get the letter until it was too late (it was under a soggy swimming kit!)

Our printer was out of ink so we didn’t print out the website calendar to put on the wall.

I forgot to check the website – so missed the parents’ evening.

We’ve lost the password for the parent portal.

We were going to fill out the survey – but it was too long – we didn’t have time.

We don’t speak English well – there was no translation available for your information.

I have been at a conference all week – didn’t check the website until it was too late.

You didn’t send out reminders about the school concert – I was too late to get tickets!

We changed our email address and forgot to inform the school about the change.

I didn’t get the urgent message about school closing until I got home and checked my emails.


Just imagine if your school had its own app which parents could download for free! It would send a push notifications to their phones wherever they were – and could solve all these communication problems for you.

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