Parental Engagement Quality Standard

The UK has a parental engagement quality standard that is the envy of the world. How does your school measure up? Check the criteria here: Parental Engagement Quality Standard (source: SSAT).

We can help revolutionise your parental engagement with our smartphone apps for your school.

For example you need to ensure that:

Mechanisms are in place for reaching all parents

What do most parents and carers have with them wherever they are? That’s right – their phones! What better way of keeping in touch with parents than having your own school app they can download for free? Even better – if parents don’t have English as their first language they can choose which language to read your information in – we have over 70 to choose from! Make sure that no-one feels left-out or side-lined.

Capacity to further parental engagement is a feature of the school

Imagine if all new parents and prospective parents could go to their app store and search for your school and find a free app to download? That is what we can provide for you on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It will give them all your news, events, contact information, and any files you want to add. You can include lunch menus, newsletters, exam timetables, information for prospective parents and checklists for school trips. Anything you put into PDF format.

A range of information, in a variety of formats is provided for parents about the school

Most schools have websites – but you can increase your reach with a smartphone app. They can work out much cheaper than text-based systems, as you don’t pay per message – just an easy subscription once a year. That is the same whether you have 100 pupils or 1000 pupils. Any information you have on your website can be made available in your app.

Mechanisms are in place for gleaning information from parents

With our apps you can set up surveys to ask parents what they think about anything you like! Schools already using our apps are amazed how quickly survey responses come in – and how many answers they get compared to traditional methods. Some have used the survey function to ask Parent View style questions to gauge parents’ feelings about the school.

So, let us revolutionise your approach to parental engagement and help you meet the quality standard. Check our website for more information about the apps – you can even have a free trial – or call us for free on 0800 999 7500

10 Reasons why Parents don’t Engage with School

I didn’t get the letter until it was too late (it was under a soggy swimming kit!)

Our printer was out of ink so we didn’t print out the website calendar to put on the wall.

I forgot to check the website – so missed the parents’ evening.

We’ve lost the password for the parent portal.

We were going to fill out the survey – but it was too long – we didn’t have time.

We don’t speak English well – there was no translation available for your information.

I have been at a conference all week – didn’t check the website until it was too late.

You didn’t send out reminders about the school concert – I was too late to get tickets!

We changed our email address and forgot to inform the school about the change.

I didn’t get the urgent message about school closing until I got home and checked my emails.


Just imagine if your school had its own app which parents could download for free! It would send a push notifications to their phones wherever they were – and could solve all these communication problems for you.

Give us a call now to set up a simple free trial on 0800 999 7500 or check out the features at