6 Types of Parental Engagement

According to the research collated by Professor Bill Lucas  in collaboration with other colleagues at the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester, there are :


Six Types of Parent Engagement

Type 1 – Parenting Helping all families to have the basic home conditions in place including active parenting strategies and regular communication with school

Type 2 – Communicating Designing effective home-to-school and school-to-home communication methods which engage all parents regularly

Type 3 – Volunteering Recruiting volunteer parents to help in school in classes and in extra-curricular activities

Type 4 – Learning at home Providing good information to enable all parents to help with homework and offer other family learning activities

Type 5 – Decision-making Including parents in decision-making activities to build a sense of ownership including being involved in governance

Type 6 – Collaborating with Community Finding and using resources from the wider parent community to enrich school life


His paper contains many practical strategies to help with these too. Here are the ones about communication:


  • Invest time in establishing personalised communications with all parents
  • On at least a half-termly basis, make sure parents know what their child is going to be learning and have some simple ideas as to how they can support them, as well as web-support. Ideally this should be done on a weekly basis in advance of the week ahead and available online.
  • Identify and remove educational jargon from all school literature and encourage all staff to speak to parents in plain English
  • Make it possible for all new parents to observe lessons at first hand
  • Use technology – e-mail, scanning etc – to communicate as regularly as possible, ensuring that they are often relaying positive messages


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