10 things teachers should do over the summer… (but probably aren’t)

Here are 10 things teachers should be doing over the holidays – followed by the ten things they probably ARE doing…

10 things teachers should be doing over summer

  1. Relaxing on the beach
  2. Staying out late
  3. Lying in bed in the mornings
  4. Visiting stately homes
  5. Riding on the scariest roller-coaster
  6. Drinking outrageous cocktails
  7. Reading for pleasure
  8. Not worrying about a thing
  9. Catching some live music or outdoor theatre
  10. Wearing comfy and crazy clothes

10 things teachers probably ARE doing over summer

  1. Worrying about exam results
  2. Planning next term’s lessons
  3. Putting up new displays in school
  4. Attending training sessions
  5. Meeting other teachers
  6. Creating awesome educational materials
  7. Buying smart clothes for next term
  8. Writing research papers
  9. Fretting about their retirement pension
  10. Learning new skills

We wish you all a happy holiday – and hope you manage to do a few things from the first list! You deserve a break :-)