Three school apps

11 Things you can do with a Jigsaw School App

1. Tell parents about your events. If you put in a date and time they can save it to their phone’s calendar – and even set themselves a reminder. Result? More parents at your events!

2. Get urgent news to parents quickly – everyone has their smartphone with them – wherever they are. So, get hold of parents and carers quickly when there’s an emergency – the boiler is broken or there’s six feet of snow outside the door! You can send a push notification that alerts those with your app that there is something new.

3. Stop bombarding parents with useless information – you can categorise your news and other messages into groups. So, for example, if a parent does not have a child in Year 7 or the football team they can choose to switch those messages off.

4. Get fast parent feedback – our survey feature allows you to set questions with multiple choice answers and will result in faster replies. No more paper surveys that never come back, no more asking busy parents to go and look on the website and fill something in. Good news when looking at Parent View for OFSTED

5. Send messages that are longer than texts, can have pictures in them and cost nothing – you can send as many messages as you want and there is no per-message charge as with the old text-based systems. Just a straightforward yearly subscription per school.

6. Reach hard-to-reach parents – an app with a translation service means parents can choose which language they read your content in.  We have over 80 languages to choose from. You can increase parental engagement and make everyone feel included.

7. Make your newsletters and other big documents available – you can put your newsletters, lunch menus, homework timetables in the app. Anything that can be converted to a pdf file can be made available in your app!

8.Reach most smartphones – some apps only cover iPhones and Android devices – but ours also cover Windows phones. This means that most parents with a smartphone can download your app for free! Don’t miss anyone out!

9. Have your contact details within easy reach – parents won’t need to look up your email or phone number – they can reach you directly from your contact page. They can press a button to phone you, email you, go to your website or look you up on the map – all from your contact screen.

10. Be easy to find in the app store – we will custom brand your app with your colours, photos and logos and it will appear under your name in the relevant app stores. What could be easier for parents?

11. Have complete control! We will give you access to an easy-to-use control panel and all content will be added by you. As soon as you put something in there and press send – it appears in the apps. No waiting around for someone else to add your content. Instant access and control for you.

Did you know that smartphone adoption is happening  ten times faster than the PC boom of the 80s, two times faster than the internet boom of the 90s and three times faster than the recent social network adoption? So, what are you waiting for? Get your own School App today!