We are “Appy” to Help!

What have Jigsaw School Aps been up to since the last post?


Darren has been busy designing the apps and has also been out and about giving demonstrations to interested schools. Just this week he went as far as Oxford.

Nathan has been concentrating on building the apps that have been ordered and making sure he gets them into the app stores for all the platforms.

He did take some time to go to London this week to visit the Microsoft Customer Service Headquarters in Victoria – for a live stream of the Build 2014 Conference being held in San Francisco. They were announcing the new Windows 8.1 for phones and he wanted to keep up with all the latest developments. It helped that Microsoft provided free pizza and beer too!

Hopefully he will, as a developer, get the new update this week – before it is rolled out to other Windows customers in June. We like to stay ahead of the game!

Darren and Nathan also enjoyed being interviewed by Ann King, the Business Editor of The Sentinel¬† (our local daily newspaper) this week. If you’d like to read the article – click its title. The headline was “Parents are ‘Appy’ to be Kept in Touch