How to be Innovative

As we are going to be exhibiting at the Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition at Manchester Central ,I have been thinking about innovation in education and what it means.

I came across this wonderful article and blog from A J Juliani, an American educator, about the 5 Things Innovative Schools Do Differently. In it he lists these five things – and the one that caught my attention was:

Innovative Schools are transparent” – he says that all stakeholders should be aware of what is going on and schools should use social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook, to keep everyone informed. What better way to keep parents informed and engaged than via a smartphone app? This is immediate – as most people have their phones with them everyday, wherever they are! You can make sure they have your news and event information as soon as you post it, including any last minute changes. They can also read your newsletters, see the changes to the timetables or school meals and take part in surveys.

It can also improve parent and carer engagement with your school as you can post event information and the users can add them to their device’s calendar and set a reminder so they don’t forget to go. Everyone’s lives are so busy these days that this can be a real boon to set a reminder to pop up the day before – or have an event in the calendar already so if anything else comes up they know they are already booked up for that evening. Also people can share calendars on these devices too – so all the family knows what is booked in for them.

He also stressed that innovative schools use technology the right way and are connected – with their stakeholders and other schools and teaching staff.

If you want to know how apps can help your school innovate – and improve school to home communication – come and see us at EICE 2014, we are on Stand C31 – or get in touch via the website You may still be able to take advantage of our free trial.